Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Sneak Peak...

My Spring Line is droppin' in about 10 days; along with a youtube commercial. It'll be my first. I'm excited:)

I created 16 new things, and counting. I stare at them everyday, pondering subtle changes in color, or length, or style, or message.

I love them all.

You will, too.

I've grown.

I'm thankful.

Forward ever, backward never.

To The Skeptics....


A few places accepting donations for the Haitian Earthquake.

There are also several local organizations accepting donations.

My offering a 25% donation to Yele on ALL sales in my boutique is not a way to get more sales. I do not have to TRY to get more sales. I get them on my own by being true to myself, to my craft and to my creator.

I pray for you and your cynical thoughts.
I pray that one day you'll stop always trying to find negative in the positive.

I commend you for playing your role so well, though.


I want to thank everyone who has made purchases from my shop over the last week.

Upon request, I can provide screen captures of receipts from Yele, showing proof of the money I have donated.

It means the world that so many of you have stepped up to support.

I will continue giving through the end of January. It just feels so damn good to give.

I feel thankful that I can feel a responsibility to assist. I feel thankful that I am in a place, finally, where I can help.

There is SO much great energy swirling about right now.

I have several great upcoming announcements for PeaceImages, my new Spring Line will be debuting in about 7-10 days, I will be doing youtube videos now (per the recommendations of some great friends), every week there are new blog features, and I continue to feel inspired.

I just feel so thankful for everything that is happening.

Recently, a wonderful new friend mentioned me in 1 of her FABULOUS youtube videos. I'm so glad the universe saw fit to place her in my life when it did. She urged me to start making videos myself, which I will begin doing next week. And despite being a talented jewelry artisan, herself, she gave me a shout out on her latest video to her HUGE following. That is love. She is a great example. Why can't friends show love the way strangers do? She has taught me a lot, and I've only known her a week.

Check her video here.

A Lesson In Faith....

I have been able to donate approx. $200 to Wyclef's Yele Foundation.

Recently, some potentially damaging info came to light re: how Yele is appropriating their funds.

Do past transgression dictate how Yele will conduct itself under such catastrophic conditions?

I'd like to think not.

But when we know better, we should do better.

Still, I will choose to have faith. After all, I do not put it past the darkness to try and fight the light. I've seen it too many times in my life. And if a Black man's charity is taking money outta the pockets of sayyyy much larger organizations, I can see someone planting some seeds of doubt to get us to send our money elsewhere.

So, my friends, if you purchase from my boutique, I will continue to send 25% of your sale to, unless you specifically ask me not to.

There is world-vision, doctors without borders and SEVERAL local organizations who also need donations.

I just want you all to know that your donations mean the world and I do not take this responsibility lightly.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass

Peace Teddy.

Haiti Relief


I will be donating a percentage of all of my sales this week to Wyclef's Yele foundation for earthquake relief in Haiti.

It's the best way I feel I can help.

Thank you.

And to the folks who must find something negative in everything, this is not solely for personal gain.

I will make sales this week regardless. I just think that to send some of it to Haiti is my responsibility.

If you do not choose to buy from me, text 'yele' to 501501, donate books through the red cross, creole speakers can volunteer on the phones, you can send blankets through your local retailers.. there are several things you can do. This is just 1 avenue.

Shop here.

*****UPDATE****** I was able to make 5 separate donations today because of all of you. Thank you so much :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today, there was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti and the surrounding areas.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Do you know about Haiti?

You should.

I am no expert.. but here are a few facts.
Please, do more research when you can.

Learn about the earthquake here.

When the indigenous people were tired of being enslaved by the French, they revolted under the guidance of Toussaint L'ouverture.

Some families are so poor, they eat/sell dirt cookies. They bake on shanty roofs, in the sun.

A nation of warriors.

More On Loc Chains...

They are handmade by me
They can be wrapped several times around your loc/twist/braid
They are lightweight and have handmade coils at both ends to use as anchors.

For my family with larger locs, I have brass/silver cuffs available for you.

PeaceImages Spring Line: 1/30/10

Monday, January 11, 2010

How To Rock Hair Chains...

...just because our hair is natural doesn't mean we shouldn't have options on how to jazz up our styles a bit.

These chains are the first in a looong line of hair accessories by us over at PeaceImages.

Depending on the thickness of your twists, braids, sisterlocs, or regular locs, I wanted you to know what your options are with this style.

Normally I use silver or brass cuffs to attach the chain, in two parts, onto the section of hair you want to adorn.

For those with shorter, or skinnier locs/twists/braids, I'd be glad to hand coil you some wire that will comfortably fit around the piece of hair you are working with.

I can coil in black, red, silver, or gold wire.

Play with your options. If your hair is black, it'd be super fresh to use silver chain w/ the contrast of black wire.

I can use very tiny chain w/thinner wire, so it will not weigh the hair down.

I will occasionally spiral the chain around my twist, also. As you can see, I have a huge afro.. but when I 2-strand, I love to add some adornments to my tresses.

Natural hair is a commitment, in every sense of the word. Some days the lack of options can be boring and make it more difficult to fully commit. My hope is that this new line of hair jewels will make those moments easier.

Email me anytime with questions, or suggestions. (

The chains can be purchased here

Bless up!