Thursday, December 16, 2010

peace and love

i have 1 pair of each (the matching pair, and asymmetrical version) that can ship by Xmas if you order by 12/18 --


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

peace fam!
sorry for my lack of posts.
lately, if i'm awake, i'm working!

i've been hustlin' hard filling orders, doing blog features, building relationships, maintaining my personal life, and working on the Spring line (mid Jan), etc :)

i'm having a great f*cking time!

i rock locks is doing a giveaway for a loc chain! the site is a wonderful resource for my loc'd beauties :)
all Kim wants is your name, email, and your favorite peace!

since i'm a one-woman show (when my fabulous fiancee isn't helping me out!) that means a lot of juggling goes on around these parts..
so check the new ish ...

sterling frog


two of a kind stud earrings

me playing around with my Pentax and daily accessories. you can cop all of the brass pieces on the website.

a new agate and leather cuff.

an updated photo of my "sankarani" feathers. i'm using brighter colored feathers now. i dig the results!
nothing wrong with updating old styles, i say!

"Hydrangea" leather, agate on silver cuff.