Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Zealand ...

Hot Shop has officially been added as a PeaceImages stockist.

This means that my New Zealand fam can purchase PI and save on shipping costs. They have an extensive inventory, too ... so enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saint Louuuuuiiiis

several wonderful people have been putting a lot of energy into making this incredible event happen.
if you're in st. louis, DEFINITELY stop by -- it's a chance to take part in an event that you don't find everyday.

i'll be sending some of my "peaces" down, too - so you can check them out in person .. see how they look on you, and purchase if you love!

spread love.

junk in the trunk

come through .. id love to meet my new LA fam in person :)

i'll have some great deals for you AND you can avoid those pesky shipping costs
while giving to a good cause, networking, getting your nails done AND eating.

all in the same place =)

downtown la. 11.23

the space:

and you know i've still been in the lab, in addition to getting out orders,
sketching for Spring, and building up inventory for next week.

all can be copped on my site.

Monday, November 15, 2010

trunks ...

Heyyy now :)

The kid is super busy working on the following:

  • trunk show in Downtown LA on 11/23 (<-- more details coming later today)
  • art show in San Diego on 11/25 (live art, body painting, dj's, jewelry)
  • a huge launch of my Fall line through Stanton James
  • Fresh Paint in St. Louis will be chock full of PeaceImages goodies

The uber-fab Kingdom of Style did a feature on my agate ring yesterday. Huge deal... Queens Marie and Michelle run a top-notch fashion/DIY blog, based in the UK.

I've been a fan for years! Truly an honor :)

as the holidays approach, keep Peace Images gift certificates in mind....