Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Elle of Quest for the Perfect Curl is one of my fave kinky hair bloggers! She is constantly showing love to PI by rockin our earrings in her vids.

...based mere blocks away from me in LA..I'm thinking a meet up is overdue!
She reviews everything from shampoos, to brushes, gels, etc. Click on any of the photos for links to the corresponding YT vid!

check her out in the fandangos!

here she's rockin' "the graduate" 2-toned chain earrings:

..and here in the "swords" feather earrings!

do you have a YT channel? post it in the comment section so I can subscribe!



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ladies of Peace Volume 6

Welcome to the sixth post celebrating the Ladies of Peace!

For those new to the mailing list, or not yet on it, Ladies of Peace is my new promotion that shows off the beautiful women who support my small business. Here's the details:

1. Post a photo of you wearing a Peace Images product on your Facebook or Twitter page (and @ reply me or tag the Peace Images Facebook page)
2. Every 8 photos I receive, I will create a blog post featuring the most recent entries.
3. Every 5 blog posts (40 entries) I'll randomly select one of the submissions to receive a $50 gift certificate to use on any item in the shop.
4. Repeat! :)

You can enter once for every Peace you have purchased, and previous sales qualify, even if you've sent me a photo wearing that Peace before--just repost it on your twitter or FB and tag me!

Now, the next eight entries!

Alex in the Black Roses

Ayesha in the 033010 ring

Neisha in the 033010 ring

Felicia in the Liberation Ear Chain

Orvella in the Favored feather earrings

Amaka in the On Wax earrings

Ericka in the 033010 ring

Roxie in the Mama ring


Monday, April 18, 2011

time to move on...


I've moved at least 4 times in the past 4 years.

But every move is better than the last. Both in purpose and location.

This time around, it's because our respective hustles have outgrown this place!

Closets that should be devoted to towels #nshit
have gone to packing supplies :)

The lease is up in Sept, so we'll be out!
Stay in LA? Head north to the Bay? Find a farm somewhere and wait out this recession?

Decisions, Decisions

one really difficult aspect of this biz is keeping up on orders while making extra inventory for shows/boutiques, AND prepping for live events.

it keeps me on my toes :)
...and truthfully, I love it.

here's some items i'll be using for my layout this Thurs at BluMonkey.
i think it'll change every time, until I actualize my vision for it.

till then, I constantly scour thrift stores for unconventional display items!

that big slab of wood was given to me by my mama. she is aaaaaalways lookin out for PeaceImages.



giveaways, blog posts, new "peaces"

...but can we get THESE days of music back, tho?

the PI lab woke up to some love this morning.


SillyGrrl is doing a giveaway of my oh so favorite "Swords and Feather" asymmetrical joints!
Head on over there, RT the link, or let her know your fave PeaceImages piece, and voila! You're all set.

Shari over at Miss Major Substance showed love to myself and 2 of my favorite cocoa-hued jewelry designers, Moptopmaven and R Stewart.

Fresh up out the kitchen:

back to the lab ... i've got a TON of orders to fill before the Bay this weekend.

And don't forget to come out to BluMonkey on Thurs 4.21 to shop PeaceImages in person!