Friday, April 30, 2010

oil is moving closer to the coast

Louisiana.. areas STRONGLY affected by Katrina
are now having to face an oil spill
that may be larger than Exxon Valdez.

..That is not good.

They can't even measure all of the oil leaking below the surface...
only what can be seen can be measure.

over 200K gallons a day are being spread into the Gulf.

the mooore youuu knooooow.

thanks baby!

i heard this song on Brown Sugar
when Sydney and her cuz (Latifah)
were at the rooftop party in BK.

ever been to an outdoor party in BK?
I have.

it was perfection.

anyway, this track wasn't on the soundtrack.
but my baby found it!

the jigmastas are Kriminul x Spinna

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Oh awesome!!!!

Come.. explore.

new additions ...

new jewelry roll call :)

a stunning vintage necklace w/ 5" pendant.
look at the detail! it's beautiful.

a 2-finger agate ring w/24kt gold rim
and adjustable bands.

my friends...

I have some who are running successful businesses,
while raising our next leaders.

Some who are listening to their hearts,
and stepping out on faith.

They hold me accountable when I don't keep in touch,
Share new music with me,
Are always there when I need them

Never judge...

They're witty, intelligent...

Wise, pretty, resourceful, fluid, soulful, sensual, talented, strong ...

( and about as bad as I am at keeping in touch. *side eye's Jaweer* )

<3 you guys!


like that solid hammered brass Africa?

how about as a pair of earrings?

or a huge cocktail ring?

....I know :)

They'll be available next week.

Pre-order rings here.
Pre-order earrings here.


i am planning on another beautiful day :)

i hope the same for you.

my Petras were featured in Etsy's Divalicious spotlight today.

say what you want about Etsy, but when they show you love, it helps.

it really, really does. i will probably never close my etsy page.

too much great promo, despite the fees.

i have some FIRE new jewelry coming today, also.

stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

songs of Summer.

this shit reminds me of bonfires at the beach,
yerba buena,
and drinks.

I can't wait for Summer.

Give Me A Reason To Love You....

Monday, April 26, 2010


ahhhh... new jewelry!

an adjustable 14kt gold bracelet.
the agate is rimmed in 24kt gold.
the bracelet has two slabs.

asymmetrical earrings.
agate, crystal.

mix and match. find a pair that suits you best :)

reddish/auburn and 14kt gold tri-layer necklace.

all will be available on my website shortly.

Music Monday

New jewelry coming later today :) ....