Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Girl, Long Hair

Leila over at BGLH is doing a giveaway with PI :)
Create a vlog showing how you manipulate your beautiful natural tresses
into classically-influenced styles,
and you might win a wax ring made just for you!

click the pic to enter!

PI x Her Steeze

Halimah over at Her Steeze did an interview with me last week
and it was posted this morning!

I loved her unconventional questions and relaxed approach.

Check it out! Show her blog some love... and all that good stuff :)


Monday, June 28, 2010



I'll be a featured vendor next Tuesday for "Beneath the Surface."

I'll be armed with loooong colorful feather earrings, shoe chains, and cocktail rings :)

In addition, there will be some of the flyest DJ's in the area, live art and that peaceful vibe So Cal functions are famous for.

Come through, because I'd love to meet you :)

**shouts out to Ree for the connection


man! how long has it been?

i've got news to share.. new jewelry that's been posted,
AND some music to listen to while you do it all :)

let's get it.

a 2" gorgeous shark tooth gilded in 24kt gold.

i've got 2, but I may keep one
cuz they are just so damn fierce.

apparently these are carried at Neiman Marcus
for astronomical prices.

vintage Tibetan jewelry is back in my resell boutique.

rings and bangles in varying sizes
inlaid with carnelian, turquoise and mother of pearl

i've only got limited stock, and these stay selling out!
so don't' sleep :)

yesterday on the streets of Downtown SD, the Armory had their 'brunch on the block.'
a day of barbecues, emceeing, dj'ing .. all in the name of communities sticking together
and lifting each other up!

i was armed with my camera all day, and it felt like old times.
my camera used to follow me EVERYWHERE.

check some of the best photos from the day.
if you want to see more, click.

life is hella busy right now.. but it's balanced out beautifully.
i'm just working to trust that the universe will always keep me balanced out.


right now items are still shipping out about 2-3 weeks from when they are ordered.
i'm still working more than I'm sleeping.. so soon that ship time will decrease.

PI will be taking part in lots of upcoming festivals .. in addition to working on the Fall line;

Oya is back in stock FOR A LIMITED TIME.

vintage components wrapped in denim and wax prints.

a gorgeous, messy brass charm bracelet
w/ vintage Egyptian charms,
solid brass spikes
and 2,000 yr-old glass from Afghanistan.


I woke up this stressful Monday morning finding out that 2 new blogs have shown PI some love :)

Ms Shay shows PI love via onsugar

PI x Owlita