Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keepin' It Fresh...

Anyone who knows me knows that even publishing a new collection of jewelry won't keep me from creating something new on the regular.

So let's go...

Chakra Necklace.....

Also debuting next week are my chakra necklaces.

Meant to be worn down the back, using chakra-awakening stones such as quartz and amber, these lightweight necklaces bring life to whatever they are worn with.

Imagine these with a backless shirt, or halter top. The visualizations drive me nuts. The essence of sexy.

Agate Slab Rings....

Peace fam.

My agate slab rings from Spring are doing SO well, I've decided to create an entire line devoted to them.

The first bunch will be debuting next week :)

Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


peace ya'll.
items from my Spring line have been MOVING.

i am amazed.

so much of my original product is gone.
I am SOOOO busy in the lab duplicating items...

my plate is more than full.

...and I'm still creating new jewelry.


Monday, February 1, 2010


Today I received a few emails from customers praising my work. They spoke of how often they are complimented when they wear my "peaces."

They spoke of how men stop them on the street to compliment them.. and ladies you KNOW if a man notices your jewelry, it's something special.

I am so thankful that you guys take a moment to tell me how my jewelry makes you feel and how people react to you when you wear it.

It motivates me to do better. Always.

Stop talking today. Do.

Spring/Summer Collection 2010

It's finally here... which means I can get a full night's rest, FINALLY.

:) I hope you love it.

For purchases, feel free to email me here:, or shop directly from my etsy page.

These are only a small handful of the items, so visit the page, won't you? :)

Give thanks!