Thursday, July 8, 2010

fall lines...

no new jewelry til the Fall line drops. I retreat into my creative space, and block out eeeeverything else.

the creative process takes me over.

i'll still be blogging, taking photos, and doing custom orders.

the boutiques will remain open :)

stop by and say hi!



Monday, July 5, 2010


Fall/Winter: Inspiration

... it's that time again.
I'm working on samples for Fall/Winter :)

model: susie bird

i love the mix of prints and textures
....and the backgrounds are so stunning.

Natalia K by Maria Erickkson

martin marathons...

someone loves me on this July 5th :)
because lord knows I'm staring down the barrel
of a 14-hr jewelry marathon day.

martin marathons make a work day fly by!
foreal. try it.

beau coup orders to get out tomorrow.

i hope you all enjoy your day!

i finally got around to uploading photos of some "peaces"
i created over the last few weeks.

vintage solid brass point on oxidized chain.

7" leather & feather earrings.
all leathers are recycled.

leather x feathers
brass points on chain.

yoooo! and don't forget to come say hi at "beneath the surface" tomorrow
in San Diego.

Riz, the organizer, is also helping to mobilize the people
on behalf of Oscar Grant.

Come out and support the efforts of a mover!

I made some new feather earrings, 2 finger agate rings, etc.
Nothing will be over $30 all night.

Hope to see you :)