Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I love them.
Every Tuesday, here in San Diego, you can find a different museum offering free days.

Yesterday at the Museum of Man, I saw an amazing Egyptian Exhibit.

I learned a lot, and felt inspired when I left.

I just want to lecture to you on everything I learned.. but who has time for that?

My new creations are inspired by what I saw yesterday. Take a journey with me....

Maat: The concept of order, truth, regularity and justice which was all important to the ancient Egyptians. It was the duty of the pharaohs to uphold maat.

Maat was most often represented by a feather in hieroglyphs.
These tiger feathers are bonded to brass chain, and accented by brass and gold.

Nu: A swirling watery chaos from which the cosmic order was produced. In the beginning there was only Nu.

How can you not observe these stunning faux South African baole beads (w/sterling silver accents) and not see water; feel its force.

These are 4" total, all accents are sterling silver.

...and here is an updated photo of the gorgeous feathers I posted yesterday. I don't think these will last too long on the site, so don't wait! I can only make 1.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

adornments for toes....

a few new items....
asymmetrical feather earrings w/ carnelian and African brass

a vintage watch face on hammered brass, wide band, adjustable ring :)

hand-coiled by me, in a variety of styles.
i use gold wire, sterling silver wire, gunmetal wire...

pewter ankhs, jasper, garnet.

i wrap mine at a minimum of 1.25" in length.
i love when the spiral extends up and down the length of my toe.

if you prefer a smaller toe ring, let me know. i'd love to do something custom, just for you.