Thursday, June 3, 2010

summer music series

it's 72 degrees, i'm sittin' in the yard feeling a lovely breeze coming off of the ocean!

Summer's comin'! Woot!

new ...

we're trying a lot of new things over here at PI.
hand-painting denim is 1 of them.

i'll be listing a few new colorful joints today-
some wrapped in African wax fabrics,
some in denim.

all full of color and life.

above, hand-wrapped jasper ring,
denim sterling silver triangle studs
and a wrapped bracelet w/ vintage findings and chunky chain.

available today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

life is great

i am swamped.. orders and customer emails are everywhere.
how great is that?!

it's also very overwhelming.. i'm trying.

forgive me if i say your order is going out on Tuesday, but it doesn't actually get out until Thursday.

forgive me if i don't follow up when you request a custom order.

forgive me if more than 24 hours pass without a reply to your email.

you have not been forgotten :)


fly sis!

my wax print Africa ring made it to fly girl today :)
that's such a wonderful way to continue
the surprise anniversary celebration my fiancee planned
for me yesterday.

Tracy sent me a photo of her rockin her custom-created nose-to-ear chain.
She knew which charms she wanted, and she knew she wanted a mix of gold and silver chains,
in addition to 3 rows of chain.

I just brought her vision to life...

Thanks T :)

and April sent me a photo of her rockin' the custom feathers I created for her SATC II party :)
she wanted the extraness of Samantha .. so I combined several different colors and gave them lots of thickness. her short hair allowed me to play with size.

ok... I have a TON of work to do... i'm not even lyin.