Friday, April 2, 2010

silver over brass, 3", yellow recycled leather, maroon/black wire.

ball chain, blue coral.

body chain vest.
lightweight, silver, able to be worn many ways.


prepping Peaceimages originals to be sent to my new retailer!
this is a great moment in the journey.
but I realize I have a loooong way to go :)

..and this was lunch! cheap, healthy and f'n delicious.

trader joes frozen shrimp sauteed in a little butter and olive oil.
ground sea salt, ground pepper, basil and garlic.
about 3 minutes on medium heat w/ the lid on since they started from frozen.
lid off, turn up heat to brown the outside.

fresh avocado chunks, mashed potatoes w/ ground pepper

salad w/ lettuce, tomato , feta and balsamic vinaigrette.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i have a rocky love affair with the internet.

i love it, it hates me.
i hate it, then it shows me something so beautiful, i can't help but fall back in love with it again.

it gives me control over things i never had control over,
in turn, it steals my time and my ability to interact with human beings face to face.

it shows me things i've never seen,
teaches me things i never would have known

it relates to me
it excuses my bad habits.

got a soundtrack for the day...

AND some GORGEOUS new "peaces" posted. i feel so happy!

african brass, czech glass.
the triangles spin

sterling silver rim, 2.75" in
silver wide band.

pewter dragon, motley of feathers, gunmetal chain

sterling silver wire that fits around the ear,
gunmetal chain and ankh

6" feathers, sterling hooks, gold coral

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

funny funny.

my cipher keeps moving....

$8 Trifari clip-on button earrings...available now.

how fresh are these doorknockers? i've never seen anything like them.
they do have some signs of wear, but nothing a good soaking in water wouldn't get rid of!
they are lucite and almost 2" in length!

a 1-finger brass agate ring
that stretches across 3 fingers.

the color is a radiant rust/auburn color w/ gold rim.
the bracelet is mine, and you can't have it :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

thumb tacks.

taken 2 days ago.
the pin board on the left is completely filled with jewelry (orders) now...


tomorrow I'll be in LA for a "ladies lotto" first.

L.A. is crowded, and dirty. But it's also full of culture, life and opportunities.

Melinda of H.E.R. Nails has shown me nothing but love since we met. I'll be there as 1 of her guests, and she'll be rockin' my "offerings" necklace.

how sick is that?

She's gorgeous and a talented nail designer. She's graced the hands of Erykah Badu, Cassie and Serena Williams.. just to name a few.

In LA? Hit her up for an appt. She's professional, and knows her stuff.

She always looks out for me. It's amazing when people believe so much in what you do.

I'll blog about the event on Thursday ;)


what a glorious weekend I had...
i laid out at the beach.. went swimming in the ocean..
played with clams, shells, and the likes.

i live a blessed life, and it is no more apparent than when I can take a 12 minute ride, and the spend the rest of my day laid out in the sand with my love.

it also breeds so much inspiration.

i posted some new jewelry today.. some in my personal boutique, some in my vintage shop.
le's go!

a hand-hammered solid brass
asymmetrical cuff.
just look at that shape.. i'm in looooove :)
*all photos by me

my newest agate ring.
Earth was showing its ass when it created this.
the color combination makes me feel thankful to be alive to see things like this.
this piece is $24 and available here.

a vintage hammered silver collar necklace.
the shape is stunning and it is comfortable to wear.

available now in my resell shop.

a vintage 42" flapper necklace in silver.
no signs of wear, Monet.

vintage flexible collar necklace
w/no signs of wear.
stamping is present on the clasp and this feels SO comfortable on your neck.

i took these in my parents backyard. they've spent countless hours creating their sanctuary.
peep the Buddha I shot this on.. and the views.

i hope to have something like this for my kids 1 day.