Monday, March 29, 2010


what a glorious weekend I had...
i laid out at the beach.. went swimming in the ocean..
played with clams, shells, and the likes.

i live a blessed life, and it is no more apparent than when I can take a 12 minute ride, and the spend the rest of my day laid out in the sand with my love.

it also breeds so much inspiration.

i posted some new jewelry today.. some in my personal boutique, some in my vintage shop.
le's go!

a hand-hammered solid brass
asymmetrical cuff.
just look at that shape.. i'm in looooove :)
*all photos by me

my newest agate ring.
Earth was showing its ass when it created this.
the color combination makes me feel thankful to be alive to see things like this.
this piece is $24 and available here.

a vintage hammered silver collar necklace.
the shape is stunning and it is comfortable to wear.

available now in my resell shop.

a vintage 42" flapper necklace in silver.
no signs of wear, Monet.

vintage flexible collar necklace
w/no signs of wear.
stamping is present on the clasp and this feels SO comfortable on your neck.

i took these in my parents backyard. they've spent countless hours creating their sanctuary.
peep the Buddha I shot this on.. and the views.

i hope to have something like this for my kids 1 day.

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