Wednesday, December 1, 2010


listen to some hot French soul music while you peruse the new vinyl "peaces!"

word up.


Monday, November 29, 2010

old soul.

record vinyl jewelry is finally here.

nose chains

i've got new nosechains in stock.
shoutout to ill will for the fresh perspective on my set-up at the trunk show.

we go way back like...

i have the dopest supporters ;)

Miss Numa .... i'm positive you've seen her amazing gloves somewhere.

Kasey of Bay Area Style file

Del the amazing illustrator.

our big adventure

hubby and I are both some straight up nerds
who couldn't wait to go visit the dinosaurs from
Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

plus.. we LOVE road trippin'.
our similar musical openness,
combined with our ability to talk about damn near anything
makes for great treks.

it was just as awesome as i thought it would be.
...and cold as f*ck.

i wish dinosaurs were still around.

snow-capped mountain to our left, beach to our right
just outside of the city.

poooooor unsuspecting Trackstar...



Stanton James updated their inventory with the Fall Collection :)
...there are still a few items left to add, so hold tight!
Great things in the works with these fly, driven, LA-based team.

catchin up

meet Sasha, ya'll!

she's the groovy sista behind LA Inspiration.

it's a who's who of the LA Fashion Scene,
with a down to earth vibe the I totally dig.

her blog's been added to my faves, and you should do the same!
she's got a great sense of style.

i met her last week at the trunk show...and i'm sooo glad I did.
one of many blessings of the night.
she did a wonderful blog post
and even copped a chain ring! (*which I am temporarily sold out of)

...and was kind enough to snap every photo you see here!

the gorg "fandango" feathers caught everyone's attention in the room until they were snatched up!

"gold coast" necklace on wood peace sign from mommy :)

.....and Baptized 2 dropped :)
Mixed by fiancee, and sent with all outgoing orders!
I love my customers :)