Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coolie High

yea... I got started early today :)

all of these newbies are already listed in the secondary boutique.

*both intended for men

*17-layers of high quality gold-plated chains

enjoy your weekend :)


Friday, September 17, 2010

mop tops...

we'll be doing a giveaway with Miss Mop Top Maven herself next week :)
it begins on 9/20 and ends on 9/27.

if you aren't familiar -- do yourself a favor and scoot on over to this fly fashionista's site!
i hope to run into her several more times in LA.

the item up for grabs?

see you next week.

happy friday!

peace guys :)
we made it.. it's Friday.

i work from home, but I still make sure to structure my days
so the weekends still matter.

don't you just love that rush of energy and anticipation felt on Fridays?
i do!

this morning, the Atlanta Post called me for a phone interview on my new Fall Collection!
it should be out in the next few weeks, and I'll post the interview here.
it will be myself and 3 other jewelry divas -
including the homie Sarenzo Beads!

fiancee is DJ'ing for Camp Lo tomorrow at a dope show in Long Beach;
i'm gonna try to get them and several other folks in some of our new "Luchini" nameplates while i'm backstage.

how perfect was the timing on ALL of this?

i swear when I just shut my brain down and LISTEN to the universe
nothing but good things happen.
and you even learn to see good in bad - a true blessing.

my solar return is in a week... i bought new shoes to celebrate!

i loooove jewel-toned shoes for this Fall -- that way I won't have to give too much thought to my outfits (ULTRA lazy, but ya'll don't have to know that by looking at me)... the shoes and accessories are the always the stars.

some other key items in my closet this Fall:

  • colored tights (plums, reds, greens, blues)
  • neutral toned socks (to rock with heels)
  • long cardigan in gray (to rock with mini dresses -- secure it with a belt, leave it unbuttoned)
  • suede booties (i have yet to cop these; budget, budget, budget)
  • last years cropped leather jacket

i come with new jewelry ... :)

*3" solid brass, cowrie optional; studs

*my "tangled history" bracelet is available in silver now, too :)

tomorrow Blackspade has an in store at Fatbeats LA, which I am sooo excited for.
he'll be backed by fiancee on the decks; and I'll have my camera on me at all times -- bitter sweet, as we are saying our last goodbyes to this iconic record store.

after that, we head down to Long Beach for a huge concert paying homage to the rap greats of the 90's.

i hope your weekend will be chock full of goodness.
sending positivity your way today, and always.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

bulding minds faster

" Nigeria that oil been spillin' for like 50 years."
-Lupe Fiasco

FnF up, indeed, Wasalu

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gye nyame

an Adinkra symbol meaning nothing occurs without the presence of God.

i couldn't agree more.

3" and super lightweight
on gold-fill surgical posts.

available now.


gratitude 9.15

PeaceImages was blessed with 3 amazing blog features over the last 3 days
and I thanked each of them personally...

i feel so motivated
to keep doing
exactly what I have been.

what is that?
never stopping.
just. keep. creating. (through the sleepiness, through the sickness, through the family issues, through friend issues, through fear, through procrastination, and everything in between)

not so secret, eh?
it's a lot harder than it looks.

now it's MY turn to give them all shine:

  • Coco & Creme (a super fly blog that I have been COMPLETELY missing out on)
  • Afrobella rocked my jewelry to NYFW, and blogged, in depth, about her time there
  • 21-7 Magazine (another super fly spot that I wasn't up on)

lotsa folks have been asking me what my last name is lately, for one reason or another.

it's "Peace," folks...
yes. that is my real name. no I am not a "poet" and that is not my "stage name..."

jerks. lol...

one love!

'a masterpiece of minimalism.....'

i wish i had more time to blog...

some things i'd discuss:

  • snitching civil rights photographers
  • speeches by Malcolm X
  • the importance of mental health in the Black community
  • these hot new purple suede pumps I just copped
  • the topics of my daily meditations
below are today's excuses....

**brass on suede

**brass on matte black chain

*heavy, faceted glass pendant

L.A. is crackin' tonite. A Sa-Ra show in Hollywood, with Sy Smith hosting, and Muhsinah making an appearance!

Get familiar!

Muhsinah - Construction

- And If

and my favorite DJ is spinnin' a tribute to Organized Noize tonite.....
and before he started studying up, I had NO idea how dope these cats were.

wow... an amazing tribute it will be.

i know there's about 100 other awesome things that are probably happening in the city tonight, but these are the spots you'll find me -- camera attached to me at all times :)


Monday, September 13, 2010

sweet minty jesus

*6" feather earrings w/recycled vinyl charm, bone, bullet, recycled leather
1 of a kind (ooak)

*layered leather stud earrings w/ surgical posts
one of a kind (more color combos cometh)


tomorrow i'll be posting some beautiful wooden beaded bracelets for men :)

tonite i'll be checkin' out a Coultrain show with Trackstar, Ced and Blackspade...and several other beautiful soulful LA folk at a place called Mint!

i'll share photos tomorrow.

if you're not familiar with the brotha, getcho life together, then check it:


i miss him.
i contemplated posting "hail mary," aka my sh*t
but with each passing year,
the sadder i feel that he is now traveling through the cosmos.

this record felt more aligned with my somber mood.

Sunday, September 12, 2010