Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'a masterpiece of minimalism.....'

i wish i had more time to blog...

some things i'd discuss:

  • snitching civil rights photographers
  • speeches by Malcolm X
  • the importance of mental health in the Black community
  • these hot new purple suede pumps I just copped
  • the topics of my daily meditations
below are today's excuses....

**brass on suede

**brass on matte black chain

*heavy, faceted glass pendant

L.A. is crackin' tonite. A Sa-Ra show in Hollywood, with Sy Smith hosting, and Muhsinah making an appearance!

Get familiar!

Muhsinah - Construction

- And If

and my favorite DJ is spinnin' a tribute to Organized Noize tonite.....
and before he started studying up, I had NO idea how dope these cats were.

wow... an amazing tribute it will be.

i know there's about 100 other awesome things that are probably happening in the city tonight, but these are the spots you'll find me -- camera attached to me at all times :)


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