Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gratitude 9.15

PeaceImages was blessed with 3 amazing blog features over the last 3 days
and I thanked each of them personally...

i feel so motivated
to keep doing
exactly what I have been.

what is that?
never stopping.
just. keep. creating. (through the sleepiness, through the sickness, through the family issues, through friend issues, through fear, through procrastination, and everything in between)

not so secret, eh?
it's a lot harder than it looks.

now it's MY turn to give them all shine:

  • Coco & Creme (a super fly blog that I have been COMPLETELY missing out on)
  • Afrobella rocked my jewelry to NYFW, and blogged, in depth, about her time there
  • 21-7 Magazine (another super fly spot that I wasn't up on)

lotsa folks have been asking me what my last name is lately, for one reason or another.

it's "Peace," folks...
yes. that is my real name. no I am not a "poet" and that is not my "stage name..."

jerks. lol...

one love!

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