Monday, September 13, 2010

sweet minty jesus

*6" feather earrings w/recycled vinyl charm, bone, bullet, recycled leather
1 of a kind (ooak)

*layered leather stud earrings w/ surgical posts
one of a kind (more color combos cometh)


tomorrow i'll be posting some beautiful wooden beaded bracelets for men :)

tonite i'll be checkin' out a Coultrain show with Trackstar, Ced and Blackspade...and several other beautiful soulful LA folk at a place called Mint!

i'll share photos tomorrow.

if you're not familiar with the brotha, getcho life together, then check it:


  1. We just can't get enough of the peacock swords yeah Camille!! I love using them so much too. I am getting into leather now, have some wild stud ideas, just wanting to get more wild and funky. Thank you for always sharing your inspirations with us and may we always stay inspired. You are loved from Hawaii! Aloha!

  2. Hello, how’s it going? Cool earrings! Love Heels??

    You should definitely check out my new shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn too! I saw that you’re from the UK-So am I; I live in Leicester how about you?

    I am hoping that my illustrations will help me further my career in the industry! Take care x