Thursday, January 27, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011


72 hours :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

easy like ....

2011 is gonna be a year of drastic change.
reflect on the first 23 days of this month and tell me you can't see it.

from weather, to family, to realizing and walking in your purpose.
it's a year of shedding masks... changing hairstyles.. embracing flaws..dietary changes...
reconnecting with old friends.

endings, which are only gatekeepers to new beginnings.
the Earth has also been warning us. i think it's a good year to learn how to use a firearm, keep water and food in your homes/apt's etc.

hold on tight and keep those around you who love you.
it'll make the ride less bumpy.

today's inspiration

happy Sunday :)

today I'm heading down to Long Beach to visit a new vendor, then heading STRAIGHT to the beach. it's like 77 degrees today.

we've been blessed with some beautiful weather lately.

shoutout to my friends back East. watch out for that ice.

i do NOT miss my legs coming completely out from underneath me,
falling on my back on some cold ass ice.

despite the awful traffic, i feel so thankful to be in Cali.
where good weather and opportunity are abundant.

much love to misskrisnew on twitter and youtube.
she rocked a "little Africa" necklace on her latest vid ... i heard people were diggin it!

i sent out the first round of S/S '11 sneaky peeks yesterday :)
super exciting!!!

i'm almost sold out of the "key to the city" and "vision" studs -- but don't worry, i'll try to keep those in stock for the better part of the year.
my clients love big ass earrings.. and I love ya'll FOR that.

.....wait until you see the rest of the 16 items debuting on 1.27
i've revamped some old favorites, and made to sure to include something for everyone.

enjoying your weekend?