Saturday, March 27, 2010

bastet collection.

bastet was an Egyptian goddess symbolized by a cat :)

my new collection will pay homage to her, in jewelry.

these 3.5" earrings are made from solid brass vintage parts, chain and earwires.
they are lightweight and offer a lot of movement :)

and as I begin to redefine what a dope necklace is, peep my latest stunner.
a chunky, solid brass 4" stunner w/ cougar!

all of my parts are vintage. if slight color variations bother you, no problem. brass can be cleaned in a multitude of ways. just let me know your preference upon purchase ;)

i just love the visual appeal of this necklace.
the crescent bib, the detail of the cat
the extremely fresh chunky chain.

smokin' blunts, sippin' on Heinekens..

tell me this doesn't make you dance, smile, remember old crushes, wanna create, get out enjoy the day.. all'adat!

new jewels coming today.. I shocked myself on these.


Friday, March 26, 2010

since 1-shoulder styles are resurfacing,
here is something to accentuate it.

available tomorrow.

custom made to order.

silver chains. lightweight.
slip your arm through,
clasp around your neck.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i love this.

ahhh... I love posting new jewelry.

a gorgeous chunk of blue agate on an antique brass 20" chain.

a beautiful silver-rimmed agate slice w/ sterling silver 20" chain.

in stock and ready to ship, this gold-rimmed purple agate slice comes with an adjustable brushed brass ring.

2.5" in a stunning blue color, and rimmed with gold.
this stone is 1 of my more high quality versions.
the band is brushed brass, and adjustable.

a beautiful shiny, solid brass chain boasts this beautiful 2.75" pink agate slice.
the slice is rimmed with gold.

a silver version of my "libre" ring from the Spring Line.
miles of dainty gold chain linked to 2 adjustable gold-plated rings.

Monday, March 22, 2010

that new....

a simple sterling silver tusk necklace.
i found the clam shell in the ocean a month ago.

a vintage Nefertiti brass cuff
purchase here

sterling silver earrings w/ gunmetal ankhs and glass black fists.

a solid brass hair comb w/ blue agate bonded to it.

so.... SXSW....

i had 1 of the best times of my life.

see you next year.

A3C, here we come.