Thursday, June 10, 2010


Happy Thursday :)

I'll be in LA this weekend as there are TONS of things going on!

Trackstar the DJ has a set at Lolas, and The Hawthorne Headhunters are doing a set with Mayer Hawthorne on Sunday!

I'll also be stocking boutiques in the area.. I'll fill you in on that next week <3

The mens' line is here!! I've been asked by several men to start offering a line just for them.
I couldn't force the process. When I was ready, they would come.

Here they are!

i'm giving these hand-inlaid wax print lighted compact mirrors away
for free this week with all purchases made to thank you for
participating in Gulf donations :)

2" Africa ring w/ leather. it has a manly feel, but I know the right woman could pull it off!

leather cord, lobster claw clasp, pewter 2.75" ankh.

leather, bullet

a 3" spear from Mali, on leather cord.

I plan to keep most of my designs for men a bit simple, starting out; just something subtle that you guys can throw on to add some style to your outfit.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rap Music.

huuuge thanks to everyone who made purchases yesterday. i've already begun sending money to the Gulf!

i have a few new pieces today.. i haven't had time to post them!

fabric over coconut shells. 3.5" earrings.

fabric bangles. sold in a set of 3 w/ mixed fabrics.

fabric over 3" hammered rectangles

tiny wax fabric stud earrings on 10kt gold hooks.

Monday, June 7, 2010


hey friends :)

i've added a few new earrings to the Gulf-inspired series;

i also have donation info!

let's get it ...

asymmetrical; uplifting messages to help the families who have been affected.

vibrant red feathers and coral.

"Shingai" bright orange seed beads on vintage brass studs.
6" in length.

25% of EVERYTHING sold this week is headed to the Gulf.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Gulf

I announced yesterday on my tumblr, facebook and twitter
that I'll be creating a small series of feather earrings dedicated to the oil spill.

This is a huge deal that could change the face of our world... and as tar drifts onto the beaches in Florida, and up toward the Northeastern seaboard of the US, I can't just sit back and do nothing.

When I donated 25% of sales to Haiti earlier this year, the response was amazing!!! I was able to send over $500 to our Haitian brothers and sisters.

I'd like to try it again.

To all who purchase a pair of feathers, 25% of your sale will head down South (i'll disclose donation info tomorrow); you will also receive a free mirrored compact w/ African wax print pattern with your purchase. Hand inlaid and a must-have in your cute summer clutches, ladies!

The purpose is to raise awareness and to assist the families and animals affected by this catastrophe.

There are generations of fisherman families whose way of life is gone forever. Fisherman come from the four corners of the world to live and to work down there. This issue affects the WORLD... not JUST the Gulf.

...since about 89% of my daily life is dedicated to jewelry, it just made sense to tie it in with my other passion.. awareness, culture and activism.

I'll debut new feather earrings everyday, for 5 days; only a few versions of each will be made. I am but 1 person :)

(The 25% will also apply to my other inventory)

Think globally, please. We are 1.