Saturday, May 22, 2010

something new...

I've always seen these around.. but I've never rocked 1... so why would I make it?

I felt no need to rush, or to analyze further. I knew if the time came for me to create one, I'd be visited by a whisper in my soul.

The whisper came in the form of a custom order for a very fly sis.

I used mixed metals and 3 charms, per her request.

The chains are vintage brass and silver.

The ear/nose hooks are sterling silver.

Would you like 1? holla!

...don't shoot at the same baskets.

hope everyone is having a fresh Saturday!
I know I am... there's a Martin marathon on TVOne to keep me company while I bring ya'll some new dope sh*t.

Check it ...

vintage brass bangle, 10kt gold wire, 8" blue feathers.

asymmetrical feather earrings w/ reminders of the importance of wisdom & strength.
(if you'd prefer "hope," or "faith," both are available!)
12" in length... brass, goldfill chain.

52" vintage Monet chain in mint-condition.
the stones are Carnelian handwrapped in gold wire

Friday, May 21, 2010

by the seashore...

I shot these beautiful women walking along the shoreline while I relaxed in the sun yesterday with the man ...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


...i'll be learning some new metal techniques over the Summer.

That means the Fall line is gonna be type ridiculous... can't wait to show you the concept.

F*ck Ups...

... they happen.

But I like nothing more than to work hard to correct the error w/ awesome customer service. It's amazing how far an apology and admission of error will go.

Still... I do loathe making mistakes and I have to remind myself not to dwell, but to keep it moving toward a resolution.

blog features...

Rosetta over at Diary ... did a post on our leaf earrings. I think someone should definitely help a sista out and cop those for her ;)

Thanks Rosetta!

feelin' it...

Mika over at versitilesimplicity did a sweeeeeeeet ass piece on PI :)

I try hard to purchase handmade items from my peers at least once a week.. so it feels good when love is returned.

Check it ...

Spread love.


Peace fam:)

I won't be taking any new custom orders for the rest of the month of May. I am so backed up. My workload has increased dramatically and I have yet to hire help. So please, understand that there is only me, and I work as fast as I can, around the clock, in an attempt to balance both administrative, and creative tasks for PeaceImages. It's not easy... and I do the best I can.


Love everything about her.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've been reflecting, a lot lately, on my St. Louis journey.

How I allowed it to change me, what parts of me went to sleep that need to be reawaken.

After being born and raised in Cali, moving to STL was culture shock! ... it's exactly what I wanted at the time. Being in Cali too long can cloud your vision of reality. I didn't realize, until after I left, what a bubble STL is. You lose perspective on the world... and all that matters is STL.

It's hard to break through the the shells people wear to protect themselves; my sistas, so plentiful and so beautiful, can be so tense and mistrusting of others.

Not to say this is only an STL thing.. I suspect most cities with a huge black population have that certain tension in the air.

Circles are tight... almost impenetrable. Networking with folks in other cities, unless Chicago, or Memphis, seems rare.

I'm so glad to be home in Cali for the next couple of years... a place where strangers smile at one another, people come from the four corners of the Earth - so you can't help but learn new languages, be exposed to different cultures, and have friends of several different ethnic backgrounds, without it being weird.

Being in Cali opens up your soul in some ways.

There are outdoor festivals every week... amazing concerts on random days of the week.. medical marijuana dispensaries .. steel drummers offering free concerts at the Beach constantly.

And after my soul spent 4 years gradually closing to protect myself from the ills of STL, it's so different, and a bit scary, to feel it opening back up like a lotus flower.

I've maintained very few relationships with folks from STL.. the ones I've held onto are gems & I expect us to be in some contact with eachother for as long as the universe allows; they are people I trust, who are open-minded and fearless. People who have goals and can see beyond what is RIGHT in front of them.

....pretty random thought, and I'm sure there will be more reflections to come. The further away from my Midwest experience I get, the more perspective on it I have.

on second thought...

I just did some research.

I think it's best if I start with a juice/water/tea fast. The transition will be easier.

I think I'll make the first attempt a 3 day fast. I know toxins don't begin to release until that time, but I'll work up to a 4-8 fast.

I heard the detox process isn't pretty. It'll be interesting to see. I'll document in photos.

tired, so tiiiiired...

I am so tired ...

I need to go to bed, but .. I just can't.

So I'm up shopping for swimsuits, LA residences and jewelry supplies.

I've also been thinking about a fast more and more.. so I know it's time.

I refused to rush myself. I knew when the time was right, it would just happen.

The fiancee wants to start with a master cleanse. So we'll do that first. I also wanna try a raw food fast, and a juice/water fast.

Have any of you ever participated in a fast? How did you like it?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

...on the 7th day

..she still doesn't rest.

I've had a pretty low key Sunday, despite all the work I've completed.

I made some sweet chili shrimp and pasta,
and a casserole w/fresh mozzarella, spinach, bell peppers and pesto!

That way I can spend the evening focusing on my RIDICULOUS to-do list.
My goodness!

In between filling orders today, I stopped to make a couple of new things.
It breaks up the monotony :)

Check out my updated "fuse" earrings, and a newer version, solely with ankhs.

All stones are garnet, the hooks are brass!
Each pair is about 5" and super lightweight!

you know where to go :)