Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i have a rocky love affair with the internet.

i love it, it hates me.
i hate it, then it shows me something so beautiful, i can't help but fall back in love with it again.

it gives me control over things i never had control over,
in turn, it steals my time and my ability to interact with human beings face to face.

it shows me things i've never seen,
teaches me things i never would have known

it relates to me
it excuses my bad habits.

got a soundtrack for the day...

AND some GORGEOUS new "peaces" posted. i feel so happy!

african brass, czech glass.
the triangles spin

sterling silver rim, 2.75" in
silver wide band.

pewter dragon, motley of feathers, gunmetal chain

sterling silver wire that fits around the ear,
gunmetal chain and ankh

6" feathers, sterling hooks, gold coral

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