Monday, April 18, 2011

giveaways, blog posts, new "peaces"

...but can we get THESE days of music back, tho?

the PI lab woke up to some love this morning.


SillyGrrl is doing a giveaway of my oh so favorite "Swords and Feather" asymmetrical joints!
Head on over there, RT the link, or let her know your fave PeaceImages piece, and voila! You're all set.

Shari over at Miss Major Substance showed love to myself and 2 of my favorite cocoa-hued jewelry designers, Moptopmaven and R Stewart.

Fresh up out the kitchen:

back to the lab ... i've got a TON of orders to fill before the Bay this weekend.

And don't forget to come out to BluMonkey on Thurs 4.21 to shop PeaceImages in person!




  1. Me too Moon!!!!!

    ...but hell, I wish I lived in BK for that Flea Market.