Saturday, January 16, 2010


I want to thank everyone who has made purchases from my shop over the last week.

Upon request, I can provide screen captures of receipts from Yele, showing proof of the money I have donated.

It means the world that so many of you have stepped up to support.

I will continue giving through the end of January. It just feels so damn good to give.

I feel thankful that I can feel a responsibility to assist. I feel thankful that I am in a place, finally, where I can help.

There is SO much great energy swirling about right now.

I have several great upcoming announcements for PeaceImages, my new Spring Line will be debuting in about 7-10 days, I will be doing youtube videos now (per the recommendations of some great friends), every week there are new blog features, and I continue to feel inspired.

I just feel so thankful for everything that is happening.

Recently, a wonderful new friend mentioned me in 1 of her FABULOUS youtube videos. I'm so glad the universe saw fit to place her in my life when it did. She urged me to start making videos myself, which I will begin doing next week. And despite being a talented jewelry artisan, herself, she gave me a shout out on her latest video to her HUGE following. That is love. She is a great example. Why can't friends show love the way strangers do? She has taught me a lot, and I've only known her a week.

Check her video here.

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