Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Relief


I will be donating a percentage of all of my sales this week to Wyclef's Yele foundation for earthquake relief in Haiti.

It's the best way I feel I can help.

Thank you.

And to the folks who must find something negative in everything, this is not solely for personal gain.

I will make sales this week regardless. I just think that to send some of it to Haiti is my responsibility.

If you do not choose to buy from me, text 'yele' to 501501, donate books through the red cross, creole speakers can volunteer on the phones, you can send blankets through your local retailers.. there are several things you can do. This is just 1 avenue.

Shop here.

*****UPDATE****** I was able to make 5 separate donations today because of all of you. Thank you so much :)


  1. I think your decision to give is beautiful. I've featured one of your stunning bracelets, along with items from a few other Etsy sellers who are donating portions of their sales to Haiti relief efforts, on my blog:

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