Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today, there was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti and the surrounding areas.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Do you know about Haiti?

You should.

I am no expert.. but here are a few facts.
Please, do more research when you can.

Learn about the earthquake here.

When the indigenous people were tired of being enslaved by the French, they revolted under the guidance of Toussaint L'ouverture.

Some families are so poor, they eat/sell dirt cookies. They bake on shanty roofs, in the sun.

A nation of warriors.

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  1. It's really sad.. Haiti was the Caribbean nation to look up to back in History, now she's been ravaged by nature, foreign evil through aid and shady dealings and forgotten by the world.

    My heart goes out to the innocent people of Haiti and I pray that their struggle will leasen and their burden light.