Saturday, January 16, 2010

To The Skeptics....


A few places accepting donations for the Haitian Earthquake.

There are also several local organizations accepting donations.

My offering a 25% donation to Yele on ALL sales in my boutique is not a way to get more sales. I do not have to TRY to get more sales. I get them on my own by being true to myself, to my craft and to my creator.

I pray for you and your cynical thoughts.
I pray that one day you'll stop always trying to find negative in the positive.

I commend you for playing your role so well, though.


  1. If anyone has been following Cami's work for a while, they surely know that she has been contributing a percentage of her sales to an org for a while now. It wasn't JUST now that she started, for as long as I've been a customer, I know that a part of my purchase has gone to an organization. I'm not sure why anyone would assume that this would be for more sales. No matter the time of year it is, getting ANY sale is good for business. Folks need to grow up and think better and do better. Not everyone in the world is shady or out to do wrong. Pushing out positive karma is the reason why I have someone like Cami in my circle. Let's change our way of thinking.

  2. That's sad how people can be skeptical :/ This is the reason why I didn't do such an operation in my shop for Haiti, afraid people would think I was "taking advantage" of this dramatic catastrophe...

    Go on with your generosity, no paying attention to negative opinion!