Tuesday, September 7, 2010


yesterday was an amazing day of lessons.
lessons on how you can attract things to you that are vibrating on the same level.

i'll talk more about this when I'm feeling lecture-y,
which I ain't.

i have a 12 noon deadline, and tons of orders to finalize.

i was invited to the bday party of someone I've been wanting to build with for over 2 years.
her bday is the day after mine. Libra love!
Luna Angel, I can't wait to meet you.... click the link, listen to her music. She is extremely focused and talented.

THEN... soon after I received that invite, I was invited to have drinks tonite with 2 amazing Black bloggers - InnyVinny, who's popularity increases daily, and Krissy from Addicted to All Things Pretty.

I'm pretty excited to meet them tonight, in DTLA... I'll post some pics tomorrow.

So many amazing opportunities in my midst, and I am thankful! No matter how much I fight it, L.A. is just where I am supposed to be...

what? of COURSE I listed new "peaces" yesterday....

Hope your week starts of right.. we are entering a new moon phase.. that means you are starting with a clean slate.. what are you intentions? what do you want to see happen? Map out a clear path in your soul, and follow it - unapologetically. Do you have people around you that you dislike? They may be a mirror.. don't dismiss them.. Or perhaps it is time for that relationship to end. Only you know the answer. Meditate, and proceed accordingly.

Give thanks.


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  1. Dude I swear… one day I will buy and wear no other jewelry but yours… Lovely!