Friday, September 3, 2010

radio daze.

so, not 1 week into our new home, and SO much has happened.
seems like something is happening everyday here. i guess that's just life in big cities.

found out last weekend, via Twitter, that Bilal Oliver (one of my FAVE artists) needed some extras for a video for his new single.

I get dressed, apprehensively, thinking 'ok... i'm sure nothing will come of it, and TONS of other chicks are down there already, and first in line.' ... and anyway, i'm a background type of chick, anyway.

no. actually I was the first one there.. and one of the main chicks in the video.
*blank stare*what? ok....
i'm not a video chick.. so at this point, I'm just hoping I gave them SOMETHING to work with. i can be quite a dork... i tried hard to see their vision for the video, and manifest it accordingly.

still.. whoa... what a day.

here's some pics :)

in the alley behind Little Temple

I made TONS of new friends (shoutout to Geisha Marie, Thabisile, Makeda, Om'Mas,Ainjoy, Shafiq and Bilal)... spent an entire day with Bilal, and my fiancee was there every step of the way to encourage, and enjoy the eye candy.

I also rocked some of my "peaces...." naturallly.

Sorry I haven't updated all week, but the Fall Collection is moving nicely, AND I've even added some new items to it.

check it:

i'm working on a dope partnership with a huuuuge blog, and I can't wait to share more details...

i'm also failing at adjusting to a new city -- it's been a rough adjustment. I hope the haze passes quickly... the nonstop orders no longer afford me the luxury of taking a day or so off, without it causing a huuuuge backup in production.

since we finally have our own space, i'll look forward to hiring an intern, and giving them their own desk in the living room a few hours a week.

*drifts off* that's gonna be so lovely.

anyway, ya'll enjoy your weekend.. i think i may be back later with one more update to make up for my janky ass week of no-posting.

peace, love.

remember to breathe, live from the ground up, and always be thankful for the little things - even the drama. it all happens to teach us a lesson.


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