Saturday, September 11, 2010


i tried for months to make this happen.. and it finally did.

yay for the following:

spiritual + mental focus

i wanted these funky philosophies to serve as reminders for yourself, and for others.

uplifting phrases-
reminders of why you hustle everyday, even when you want to quit--

lightweight, 3"
on silver, or gold; UNISEX

available now.

in a few weeks i'll have more choices related to natural hair, Africa, Kemetology, etc.

I couldn't be in NY for Fashion Week this year... and I must say, this is the first year I've actually WANTED to go.

The next best thing to not actually being there? My jewels being there instead!!

The always beautiful Afrobella rocked a few of my "peaces" in the Big Apple this past week, and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm glad my jewelry was able to go and lay the groundwork for my inevitable arrival.

*Afrobella rockin' the temporarily sold out "Redefinition" necklace.

They better watch out!

so aaaah...
enjoy your weekend.
the VMA's are here in town.
this oughta be interesting.


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