Thursday, April 28, 2011

hump daaaay ...

hello beauties ...

we've been doing a lotta shipping in the lab today

.. i try to do large shipments 3-4 times a week. i'd like to thank ALL of my customers for always being so patient and understanding with how this handmade business works! we know that the best way to survive a recession is to provide amazing customer service, and you guys make that SO easy to do.

and yeeesterday I spend aaaall day working on feather earrings .. i completed about 20 of them!

i'm really ok if I do not have to manipulate feathers for another week or so.. cuz DAMN!

was gonna list this baby in the shop yesterday... but it's one of a kind I'm keepin it.

quartz rimmed in 24kt gold, wire-wrapped, and strung from vintage brass chain.

has your week been peaceful so far?
sending much love to anyone in the tornado-infected areas. be strong :)



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  1. Honestly, much love to them. Lovely ring and feathers :D