Wednesday, January 12, 2011

winner announced!

shoutout to Monique F.-G. for winning the agate ring!
her response to the soundtrack of Mystic's "The Life" was just too good to ignore..

it was so hard to choose a winner, though, fiancee decided to break off some of the runners - up with Still Dreamings.

i'll contact those people in the next couple of days for addresses so we can send you a dope lil care package.

i'll be doing another giveaway next week - so keep your eyes out for the announcement OR join my "fan" page on facebook.

after taking a few photos with my "love" necklace, several of you asked where you could cop your own.

click on the photo for a link to your necklace. choose from "love" or "honey."
$18 on 20" chain.

....stilll working to learn balance.
my wonderful clients are always my main priority - but when I'm not working on the endless stream of orders I've been blessed with, the Spring/Summer collection requires every bit of energy I have left.

it's been a wonderful lesson in time management, focus and efficiency.

and I cannot wait to show you the final product.

in addition to conceptualizing, creating and marketing the line, i'll also be firmly planted in my normal role as photographer! I'm trying out some simple new graphic design techniques I've learned, as well. no one knows your vision better than you. feel me?!

have a wonderful humpday, fam.


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