Monday, April 5, 2010

..I've never cared much for his music, or image.
But this shoot makes me curious to know his range as an artist.
(Trey Songz from a Complex mag shoot)


Selita for blackbook mag.
(photos from Necole Bitchie)


  1. I think he is an amazing artist. You don't hear much good R&B these days, it's all pop crap and you actually have to dig for good artists. Kinda reminds me of 90's R&B, singing actual love songs to a woman rather than the usual "I f'ed your B" and "ho this" and "b**ch that". His scrumptiousness just adds to the equasion :)

  2. you make a good point. maybe i just haven't found the right song by him yet! i won't count him out, fully :)

    Sup D!

  3. I feel you i dont care for his music either its not alot of new artist that im feeling right now......they have no true feeling in the music you know that feels cozy and warm sexy,