Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a Day, What a Day...

I posted SO much new and vintage jewelry yesterday; some of which already sold.

Add that to all of the orders I had to ship, and I think that adds up to me needing an intern.

...but it would take hours of the day I already don't have, to train someone to free up more of my day.

Go figure.

Let's go!

a Balmain Paris vintage brooch available on my vintage/resell site.

my newest gold-rimmed agate rings on adjustable 1/2" wide bands.
the pink has sold.

still available are light blue, dark blue, black and purple.

vintage Monet hammered brass cuff 2" wide.

3" brass cuff, lilac leather, purple agate, gold wire.

sterling, vintage Monet butterflies w/ screw backs

vintage inlaid glass/brass rings from Indonesia

the blue is sold out already.

a brass version of my multi-chain 2-finger rings

1" ankhs on brass components

vintage Monet demi-necklace w/ cutout design.


triple strand waistbeads, hand-beaded

body chains using vintage brooches and rhodium chain

the back of a new ankh body chain piece I just created

the front of the body chain, using vintage embossed brass ankhs.

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