Thursday, March 11, 2010

new new...

i have so many huge announcements coming up.

new retailers, new magazine opportunities.

i am in love with life.. the trials, the good times..everything in between.

a stunning 3" inlaid brass ankh on goldplated choker.
1 of a kind, sadly.

a close up of the ankh statement necklace which is now available in my boutique.

1 of a kind, so don't wait. it won't last, I promise.

i placed the ankh on this type of necklace to give it a classic, dressy feel.

i love the result.

back chains are meant to drape down the back and add life to your outfit from ALL angles.

these can be rotated, however, and worn in front.

they look amazing with pencil skirts and tucked in tanks.

a close up view of the aquamarine and tourmaline.
a great mix of color.

a full view of the back chains, available now.

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