Sunday, June 26, 2011

you are appreciated...

lemme tell ya'll...
12+ hour days in the lab are VERY normal around here.

like, everyday.

it's an incredible challenge. and as our momentum increases,
so do our daily emails, commitments, meetings, new vendors, spreadsheets, space issues, deadlines, blessings and opportunities!

if my man wasn't able to assist me with administrative tasks on the regular, I'm not sure what I would have done!

***speaking of, much love to my man for building me an amazing new website!

the nature of the handmade business means my hands touch EVERYTHING that you purchase :) i never knew these lil fingers could work so hard.

i appreciate all of you for your understanding when things occasionally don't ship on the date we planned, or when other issues arise. i want you to know how hard we both work each and everyday, and how much I enjoy having the chance to create for you! and while I don't like making mistakes and can be quite hard on myself, I also know that it's a sign of growth, and so necessary!

we have a lot of things in store for PI over the next year, and God willing, those 12+ hour days MUST and WILL continue because the universe has shown me that it is rewarded.

oh yea, i'm adding these to the boutique tomorrow. all are one of a kind. if you miss out, don't worry, i'll be releasing a small Summer collection of feathers in the next 2 weeks :)

i added a tiny 1" version of my "vision studs" ... i think they are adorable at this size!

a cuff and feather combo is a perfect way to jazz up a basic summer dress!

and my "everyday fly" necklace is back w/ a sterling silver chain, coral and turquoise.




  1. Yeah, it's 12 hours a day but clearly it's a labor of love. Keep up the beautiful creations!

  2. those feather earrings are so freakin' cute!! love the color combos. Your "peaces" are all so beautiful! They just keep getting better with each season.