Wednesday, March 9, 2011


whew! how ya'll doin?

in prep for our flight to Austin, in exactly one week, we've been working frantically in the PeaceImages lab to tie up loose ends, and start some new campaigns!

first up? Ladies of Peace.
if you don't know, join the mailing list, and enlighten your self.

we're offering a chance for gift certificates to my boutique
JUST by taking photos of yourselves in your PI baubles.

we just want you to know how much we love and appreciate you!

i'm gonna try to get in more blog posts before we dip -- but in case I don't, here's some of the new ish!

my gorgeous "black roses" butterfly stud earrings are pre-selling only -- her body is a brass "mama," on surgical posts.

the first batch is sold out - next should be in by mid-April.

check me out rockin' the "" earrings -- we added some swarovski's to test out some new techniques...

not really sure swarovski's are my style, though. gotta keep it true!

my adorable "kemetic studs" are back in stock for a short time!

some new cocktail rings ... i'm really feeling skinny bands right now.

and my "fatale" studs in an updated photo. since the triangles are laid by hand, each pair differs slightly.
i am not a machine :)

i fully believe that every emotion we feel stems from love, or fear. never both at the same time.
if you are feeling some kinda way, stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself where it's stemming from.

if the negative feelings you are experiencing come from fear? just ... stop. try repeating the word "love" to yourself a few times and see how much better you feel.

feel your vibratory frequency start to rise... and notice the good things you begin to attract =)

we miss you everyday, Biggie.


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