Friday, February 4, 2011

it's Friiiiiiday!

...and although working for self means no days off,
there is still a certain energy and excitement that comes along with Friday :)

i'm gonna try to sneak off to the beach on Sunday to get some work done.
we've had highs in the 70's for the last 2 weeks!
it makes all the traffic n shit worth it :)

shoutout to newly natural Kim Coles for coppin' a Lykke Comb from me earlier this week.
i can't wait to see her in it! she's also copped some earrings from Rachel Stewart, too :)

she found us BOTH through Afrobella. the natural hair community is so blessed to have such dedicated bloggers !

i've been busy all week filling orders, making improvements to PeaceImages
and working on new items.

i can tell 2011 is gonna be a big year, and I wanna make sure I move forward on a strong base!

14kt, handwrapped -- charms include butterflies and a big brass Africa!

shoutout to Corrine in France rockin' the "single point studs."
(i'm sending out free jewelry cleaning cloths with all brass orders now -- gotta keep those Africas shining!)

Syd sent me the dopest appreciation photo ever in her wooden "Vision" studs
and bone (cow) armor ring!

Jackie of BFLYWEARS in a 5" black version of my "vision" studs. this photos just ... moves me!
she is a skilled accessories designer. follow the link above, and gon' getchu some!

my "Accra" studs are ashanti shield pendants that I converted into earrings.
the chain is brass.

tiny brass Africa stud earrings.

and anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of updating old styles.
this is a newer version of my "cleopatra hand chains." i updated the wrapping technique, wire and chain.
it can be a great way to see how far you've come in learning your craft!

this is me modeling my new charm earring. sold as a single -- it looks hella cute with my new fedoras.
tho it's been warm as hell during the day, I can' t wait for summertime for the warm nights and mild mornings :)

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