Monday, February 14, 2011

Blowout Comb

i blew my hair out yesterday... i was amazed at the length and size.
she's tough to maintain sometimes, but I swear I love my mane!

any questions on natural hair maintenance? holla!! I added some new items to the boutique ... the ring is already gone -- but I should have more in stock later on this week!

"Kal-El" ring on vintage brass band -- chalcedony crystal.

4" wooden ankh earrings. light as a feather!

a new charm bracelet. 4 Africa's, tusks and vintage Monet chain.

4" ankh necklace on gold, or silver chain!


  1. Ummmm.... Blow out = Fabulous. I blew mine out the other day, but with only being three inches long, it is def not as great yet. LOL!!

    Loving the jewelry! Congrats on all your accolades and I hope the new year and new line bring you even more great things this year!

  2. ^
    Lucky Man

    So. Frickin. Gorgeous.