Thursday, January 6, 2011


i love my fiancee and i love my customers...

so this giveaway will celebrate you BOTH.

since fiancee just released his 100th mixtape, take a trip over to his website, download Still Dreamin' Vol.1 - a collection of the dopest soul records on the planet- in the comment section of my blog, choose your favorite track, tell me why it's your favorite, and leave me your email address.

i'll contact the winner on Sunday 1.9.11.

up for grabs? this gorgeous agate ring on adjustable, vintage brass band!

*the winner will be chosen by him!

good luck!



  1. First of all, the entire album is smooth. Definitely a nice collection of jams! Thank you for appreciating good music. One of my favorite tracks is by Blackstar-Brown Skin Lady. I was a freshmen in college when I was first introduced to the song by an upperclassman who I was head over heels with at the time. The song he chose (and the love he showed me) was a reminder of how beautiful I was both inside and out. This song reinforced the reality that Black is Beautiful! It was a reminder to be comfortable in my own skin!


  2. My favorite is track# 4 - Erykah Badu "Cleva"

    It's mellow and yet a little funky. Also I love her lyrics...speak to me as a woman who is beautiful just as I am. Beautiful, creative, life-giving, awesome.

    Do you think your fiance would mind if I did a write up of this mixtape on my blog?

    And thanks for the chance at that beautiful ring.

  3. @thecandyshoppe

    i certainly wouldn't mind. so glad you enjoyed! thanks...

  4. I would LOVE IT!!!!!!

  5. to be honest i really dont listen to his music bur im planning on giving it a chance and listening to it :D
    well my email is
    but i saw this giveaway on tumblr so it would be easier to contact me theu it :D

  6. #19 - Beautiful Skin
    First, this message always resonated with me and these lyrics are nothing but TRUTH: " and learning are our only obligations Equality, honesty, independence, intelligence, emotion and devotion
    Humbly seeking to hear God when he's speaking".

    GoodieMob takes me back to my days (uh, YEARS) in Atlanta!
    ...rolling down 75/85 thru downtown.
    ...Auburn Ave.
    ...the Varsity.
    ...becoming a-whole-lotta-WOMAN!
    I can see, smell and taste it all when I hear GooDieMOB

    This album is officially on *repeat* and thanks for including this track. :~D

  7. I have to say I love all the songs, but the one that stands out from the rest is "Coolie High" by Camp Lo. I've always loved their mellow style and their nod to times past. But most of all that pimpishly smooth flow (sorry for the pimp refrence).

  8. The Roots "Silent Treatment" is my favorite. Hot Track that reps Philly! I'm a Philly Girl. Need I say More! LOL!

  9. Bilal-You’re All I Need (Feels like Heaven) is my favorite track on there.
    Yeah, that is they are the dopest selections!

    brownatural@ gmail dot com

  10. Mos def The Roots Silent Treatment.First of all the album Do You Want More? was solid from beginning to end with not only the hottest band you will find anywhere in music but the hottest mc.This is a hiphop classic with a smooth mellow sound that you cant help but nod your head to.

  11. My favorite track...hands #24-Marvin Gaye's "After The Dance". Long story short...last year was pretty rough for hubby and I (both individually and as a couple). We celebrated 10 years of marriage and needed a vacation, to get a way from it all and reconnect with each other. Unfortunatley, finances prevented it from happening. So I had to find other ways for us to "escape". Right before bed...just about every night...I would day dream about being on some tropical island, sitting alone at the bar. Then a handsome "stranger" (my hubby) would come behind me and whisper an invitation in my ear. After The Dance is THE SONG that plays during this daydream as it totally embodies the breezy sensuality of that moment. I'm corny, I know (LOL)...but...that's my truth :)

  12. First, I definitely will be downloading this mix for the ride. Second, awesome song selection all around, and although the artist are different, the songs work seamlessly together. As for my favorite track, so hard to pick just one, so here are my top 5 favs not in any order:
    Erykah Badu-Cleva
    Lupe Fiasco- sunshine
    Diana Rose The interim
    Patrice Rushen- remind me
    David Ruffin - common man

  13. Whew, too many great tracks! I have to go with #6 'Silent Treatment', for a number of reasons. I must have purchased "Do You Want More", at least four times. It chronicles one of my most remarkable relationships ever! Most importantly, the song shows that a young lady does not have to readily give up the goods to get in a man's head. The lyrical content is fiya, and that whistling towards the end is ingenius. Time to grab my purple disc! Peace!

    Kimberly (

  14. John Legend's "Let's Get Lifted." I time travel into pure consciousness everytime I hear it....

    -Just my two 'cowrie shells.'

  15. Little Brother-The Way You Do It
    Why? This jam is therapeutic. I am sooo in the zone when I listen to this jam, I feel high or I get the feeling a get after taking a yoga class! lol Seriously, its the beat that makes me shake my fro to the side! I also love this song and Little Brother themselves because I love showing respect to real ARTIST who appreciate REAL HIP HOP. They don't make junk, its about positivity and it spreading to others. Music is a power force, therefore its important to use it in a very carefully manner. I also feel like its another way for Little Brother to show their appreciation to their fans! "Relax yourself, breath easy cuzzz we like the wayy you do it....INHALE!!!!" :o)

  16. I have more than one fave on that mixtape. First I'll start with The Roots "Silent Treatment". Smooth and on the inside I kind of giggle because of a little inside joke. Erykah Badu's "Cleva", love the whole song but one of my favorite parts is "I'm all right with me." It says exactly that, I'm all right with who I am. My other joint Bilal's "You're All I Need (Just Like Heaven)" is just a real mellow song and catchy. I find myself humming (in my head, of course) while giving massages. Lastly, "Brown Skin Lady" is my muthafreakin' anthem!!! The jam gets me started at the gym. Love it! I hold my head a little higher when I hear that song.


  17. The Roots' Silent Treatment is on repeat at the moment.
    For all their late-night TV exposure and their status as the as the kings of Alt-Rap, they can still drop a mellow track that really puts you in the right mood.
    This is my second-favourite track of them, right after The Seed 2.0.

    Thanks for the opportunity for the mixtape (and possibly the ring)!


  18. I downloaded the mixtape and I'm loving it so much. It's so chill, the song choices are perfect. The entire mixtape is perfect on this sunny Sunday... listening while I'm blogging. My favorite track is #4, "Cleva" by Erykah Badu. The song lyrics are powerful as a woman... especially "I got a little pot in my belly, So now a days my figure ain't so fly, My dress ain't cost nothin' but seven dollars,
    But I made it fly". Those lines really speak to me. I've come to be completely in love with my curvy body, every inch of it. And I recently purchased a $4 dress from Goodwill that I can't stop wearing. xoxo

  19. I am in love with this mix tape!! I can literally sit on my couch and listen to it and daydream all day. Anywho, it took me 45 mins to download the mix tape through phone since I don't have much computer access but I was determined to listen to it once I saw the song list. So my most favorite song would have to be The Life by Mystic.
    The reason being is that when this song came out back in the day, I remember being a sophomore in high school going through the normal teasing and stresses from school. One day I was sitting on my moms living room couch listening to this song on my moms old radio/record player (i loved that old thing) and actually listened to the words and had sort of an epiphany and that even though I was going through all the drama in school, it was not the end of the world and there were other people dealing with harder life-changing issues and I need to pretty much, suck it up. This song is an opener for those that don’t realize that though life is hard, it should still be cherished.

  20. Definitely #7, Camp Lo/Coolie High. One of my favorite songs/groupgs anyway, I LOVE this track and the throwback style of Sonny Cheeba and Geechi, their flow, their everything. ♥

  21. I am a mother raising daughters that have curly hair and lush lips in a society that tells little black girls that they are not pretty enough…my choice is going to be Beautiful Skin by Goodie Mobb. In essence this song is a tribute to that intelligence, compassion, sensitivity, endurance, grace, creativity, and beauty of a black woman. I believe this song was created out of the same sentiment I feel when ever I look at my daughters beautiful little faces.