Monday, December 27, 2010

keep the party goin'...

10%, and many items ship within a few days!

thanks to everyone who supported yesterday.
all this inventory being cleared out makes me SUPER excited over the Spring Line.

PI's going to have a LOT of news coming in January -- magazines have pulled some work for editorial shoots, a new line, brick & mortar shops, and all of the usual hustle you've grown accustomed to, and then some.

i am not tired...and inspiration is oozing from everywhere.

remember, the energy you finish the year with is the exact same energy you begin the new year with.

RIP to Teena Marie...


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  1. Hey Camille (Yvonne from MYLM) I found you on twitter. Follow back -> FlyLikeV .. love your Jewelry! Keep up the awesome work :-)