Monday, August 23, 2010


*view from our bedroom window

omg... ok.
so we are in the new apt in LA.
we could NOT be happier to be here.
you'll be hearing my name more and more soon, as my sole purpose for being here is to grind in a way that I could not in other cities.

i dare not waste this time.

we got our internet installed today, so I am playing catch up for the last ten days of craziness.

if you have emailed me, thanks for your patience. you will be receiving an email in the next 24 hours
as I sift through this work.

in addition to the Fall line which drops Friday,
and will include 20+ items,
i released about 10 new "peaces" today that are all one of kind.
sort of a way to get your ready :)

i will be listing them in my big cartel, and i am even thinking of opening an etsy shop
just for these items.

in the meantime, mosey on over to the boutique, enjoy my fave song right now by the Jaspects, aaaand enjoy the photos!

i'll be back tomorrow.


you can find all earrings HERE.

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