Sunday, March 14, 2010

SXSW....uhm YAY!

after being left in the dust for last year's festivities, I'm finally indulging for 2010!

i am so excited and a bit nervous. i heard they are long, grueling days.

i'll have to master the balance between cute and comfy!

i snagged some hi-top chuck taylor's, flat gladiator sandals and a flat pair of blue boots! (pics to follow)

i've got some skirts, flowy dress and some denim. i think my shoe spread will vibe nicely with my outfits, and give me some versatility! my shirts range between beaters, tees, and camis w/nice material that feel good against my skin. an important part of feeling beautiful involves wearing the right material.

this is just an fyi that i will not be shipping out any orders during 3.17-3.21

any orders placed during my vacay will go out 3.22 and after, priority mail.

i'll still be available via email, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me :)

the boutique will remain open, despite me not shipping anything out. when you set up the vacation feature on etsy, they make it so no one can see the items in your shop.

that's wack..

i'll have tons of pics to post when I return, I'm sure... and a lot of new jewelry coming next week.

ah hell.... let's post it now ;)

all will be available in the boutique tomorrow.

huge purple agate sterling plated cuff.

a closer view of the variations in the agate. stunning... i get lost in them.

ocean blue agate (1.75") on reptile, adjustable brass band.

feathers on brass hooks, w/ solid brass vine, purple lucite bead

feathers w/ amber, tangerine lucite, mud bead on sterling hooks.

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