Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm Cool Like Dat.

Sometimes jewelry can take a beating :)
Feathers are delicate, metals can fade...

If anything you've purchased from me becomes tarnished, or needs replacing, hit me up :)

I'm always glad to to do repairs and replacements for little to no cost. I'm also always glad to shine up your jewelry, or recommend the best ways for you to do it.



  1. funny cuz i need this willingness from another vintage/upcycle etsy jewelery necklace from her just broke and I still have yet to get a response from her. she's definitely been all up on twitter, and the joint DEFinitely wasn't cheap. but I'll give it a couple more days..... ♥

  2. lol @ her being "all up on twitter."

    patience is good :) she's lucky to have you as a customer, i say!

    yea, give her a few more days; she might be overwhelmed, or something.

    if she doesn't get back to you, lemme know the issue. you might be able to fix it relatively easily on your own, or maybe I could do it for you, and possibly learn something new.

    either way, I hope it gets fixed soon!