Wednesday, December 16, 2009


arm cuffs w/ chain... a beautiful, subtle way to bring attention to our feminine curves...
sterling silver chain, vintage bangles

a handwrapped, faceted candy jade ring custom made in YOUR size :)
this ring rises almost 1" off of the hand... it's made to be seen

gorgeous onyx chunks, pewter spacers and a toggle clasp. the onyx has tons of movement.
some chunks stand straight up, some lay flat, some alternate in position...

i love jewelry that appears to be alive.

a view of the gorgeous chunks of pure black onyx.

an updated photo of my "swords n' feathers" 'peace'
...each time I make them, they are different... i love art.. no piece is ever the same.
these are about 4.5" in length, asymmetrical, lightweight and funky!

an upper arm cuff w/ sterling silver chain and vintage bangle.
this can also be worn around your wrist.

a brass version of my arm cuff w/ vintage brass chain and African brass
barrel beads.

tiger/bronze feathers, brass ankh, African brass, turquoise, hand-wrapped coral
and gold ear wires. i absolutely LOVE this pair of earrings...

a different view!


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