Thursday, October 29, 2009

Etsy Things.

Etsy has shown me a lot of love lately and it is MUCH appreciated.

People often ask me how I get so much traffic to my etsy page. It definitely can be a challenge... One of the best ways to get that ball rolling is to be featured on the front page. You usually get there by catching the eye of etsy teams who scour the newly listed items for pristine photos and things with "mass appeal." I've made it once, with this "peace." I'll be there again.. you just wait. They are slowly awakening to my movement.

Once I get used to this blogging thing, I will share more tips on how to get some etsy love. It takes a looooot of work. You cannot just wait for them to find you. Put it in their faces... lol.

One of my Earwraps were shown love in The Storque today. Shout out to Teen Angster for showing so much love.

Peep those portraits... amazing.

Oooo! My Cougar Ring was suggested as a gift for the geek to chic, and my Native Rosette Ring was suggested as a gift in the "tribal inspired" category.

"SUPER DUPER!" (c)Anchorman

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