Monday, July 11, 2011


message to the grassroots

i've got a surprise for you today .... a ten minute 15% off sale.
i'll be announcing it on my twitter and my fanpage :)

Ashlan Gorse, of E! news, rocked our "key to the city" studs while she read the news this weekend :)

how f'n awesome is that?!

my homegirls of Kleur Nail Collective did a full FLY set on a customer this weekend who just happened to be rockin' a "mama ring." i love that they looked out for me snapped this photo - and just peep that set!

click the photo to find them and schedule an appt!

my honey's been designing a most amazing website for me over the last couple of months.

it launched last week, and it's exactly what I wanted. it's a family affair up in here :)

found this photo of me swimming around the net from one of my previous trunk shows...
i swear that vintage wool cape was my best Ebay purchase, to date.

i've gotta show love to the beautiful women who support me. they are the spirit of my biz.

a gorgeous, custom designed wooden Africa ring.

on the set of Jesse Boykins' latest video. look at aaaall that lovely brown skin!

Songbird Mara Hruby (in both photos, far right in 1 st photo) with Downtown $weetheart Va$htie in NYC in my "vision studs."
I <3 both of these women because they realize it's not their place to work for others, but to pursue their dreams. And they are DOING it.

I'm really feelin' layers in the lab this season. Check our new stackable bracelets:

these match perfectly with our "cursive graffiti" necklaces.

we're customizing nameplates and zodiac necklaces in the lab now.... Luna chose "femme," and she looks gorgeous in it.
...almost like a little pink tattoo.

what will you choose?


accessories those strong necks and wrists of yours this Summer with my "Fela" collection.

trying new things is a constant in the PI Labs.

this one of a kind cheetah/agate necklace is going up in the boutique today :)
i've never seen such a beautiful purple hue.

both of these fly, chaotic charm necklaces sold a day after they were listed. i love when you guys just flow with me and my weirdness.

love you guys!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

hustle to a job

first, we restocked one boutique
then, we hand delivered jewelry to a new boutique here in LA who is carrying our work
after that, we picked some "peaces" up from a third boutique,
then finally arrived home to find we received a check from a fourth boutique.

Runway Boutique has been around for six years and is Black owned... which I love because it means my huge Africas and more true "peaces" have a home here in town!

the feather collection launched. most are 1 of a kind!

the purpose of this collection is to get rid of some feathers i've had lying around before we launch the Fall Collection.


i'm receiving heavy compliments on the colorways.
i've never been one to play with color...
until now.

constant growth for the win!

"cursive graffiti necklace" in
"you write in cursive, I write in graffiti."

round of applause for Q-Tip ladies and gents.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

you are appreciated...

lemme tell ya'll...
12+ hour days in the lab are VERY normal around here.

like, everyday.

it's an incredible challenge. and as our momentum increases,
so do our daily emails, commitments, meetings, new vendors, spreadsheets, space issues, deadlines, blessings and opportunities!

if my man wasn't able to assist me with administrative tasks on the regular, I'm not sure what I would have done!

***speaking of, much love to my man for building me an amazing new website!

the nature of the handmade business means my hands touch EVERYTHING that you purchase :) i never knew these lil fingers could work so hard.

i appreciate all of you for your understanding when things occasionally don't ship on the date we planned, or when other issues arise. i want you to know how hard we both work each and everyday, and how much I enjoy having the chance to create for you! and while I don't like making mistakes and can be quite hard on myself, I also know that it's a sign of growth, and so necessary!

we have a lot of things in store for PI over the next year, and God willing, those 12+ hour days MUST and WILL continue because the universe has shown me that it is rewarded.

oh yea, i'm adding these to the boutique tomorrow. all are one of a kind. if you miss out, don't worry, i'll be releasing a small Summer collection of feathers in the next 2 weeks :)

i added a tiny 1" version of my "vision studs" ... i think they are adorable at this size!

a cuff and feather combo is a perfect way to jazz up a basic summer dress!

and my "everyday fly" necklace is back w/ a sterling silver chain, coral and turquoise.



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fashion Bomb Giveaway

gorgeous Claire over at The Fashion Bomb is doing a 1 day giveaway for my "fandango" wing earrings!

they are light as a feather, 5" long, and conversation starters.
they can jazz up any outfit. i love them because i tend not to overdress, opting for a more low key style, and I rely heavily on my accessories.

these offer the perfect balance.

enter here.

good luck. there are already 151 entries and the post only went up this morning!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

full moon energies and blog posts.

...the full moon last night was incredible.

full moon's can create intense waves of emotion in some of us. if things get too crazy, try to quiet your thoughts, and listen to your inside voice. it's guiding you all the time. the summer solstice is upon us, and the full moon is just prepping us to ride all of that glorious energy!

this is the view from our bedroom window w/ the moon shinin' brightly over DTLA (downtown la)

Petit Modele is an incredible artist and incorporated our "Get Down On It" triangles into her latest piece!

so f*ckin dope. i need this on my daughter wall ....when I have one.

the fly ladies over at Pink Grasshopper stopped by our table at Thread, and we shared some great energy. they gave me a shoutout on their blog, so check it (and them) out!
thanks to gorgeous Mimi and Saba!

The THREADshow love continues with Lilliam highlighting our pieces over at Mondette in an amazing write up!

Travis over at BloggingLA loved our cuffs and individuality in a sea of feathers and chunky necklaces at this seasons THREAD.

Never before have I felt that my individual style was so valued than at this year's show. From my pieces to my setup. Sometimes that validation is such a nice treat, right?!

and the UBER fashionable folks at Snakes Nest spent MUCH time at the table. while I was oogling their keen fashion sense, they were doing the same to my accessories! it was great and I hope to run into them several more times over next year.

aren't they cute?

Carlina always holds us down with the most heartfelt write-ups. Her post on the The Find was no different.
We'll be giving an agate ring away via Allergic to Vanilla in the near future -- I'll keep you posted via this blog!

I appreciate all of you SO much!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011


i hand delivered some "peaces" to our new downtown LA home, SixHundred LA.
the boutique run continues tomorrow with visits to 2 of our other local stockists, 8 Limbs and IVogue.

open only a year, and already a force to be reckoned with. i love this boutique and we dropped off a dope mix of jewelry. stop by to check them out, along with pieces by Miss Wax and Han Cholo!

...and SERIOUSLY this time. No more new pieces til the Fall Collection drops. I swear.

new druzy necklaces!

agate | druzy | cuff

kyanite | brass

these babies are 1 of a kind!

on re-re-repeat in the studio

...back to playing catch up with orders :)



Monday, June 13, 2011

in the groove.

...ass bustin. a lot of it.
I worked hard to make THREADshow all that it could be.
14 hours days to build up inventory,
working harder than I ever have. Ever.
It's a great feeling.

**love to Mr. DJ for taking the photos and offering so much of his precious time to make this happen.

you ever work so late into the night, you feel yourself get dizzy?
you feel confusion start to set in.
you forget things.

yea. paid off.

because my table stayed busy !

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, said hi, made a purchase, grabbed a biz card, or flyer, offered encouraging words, reinforcement, support and love.

You never know who is standing at your table. I greet everyone with a smile to let them know how happy I am that they stopped by.

next up? THREADshow SF in the Fall.


the gold keys have made their way onto Dutch tv! Laise of Adlicious decided to rock a pair on the finale of the X Factor!! much love to Gwen over at Choco Loves for carrying my line in her boutique in Amsterdam! Check fly Laise out at the 1:50 mark in her keys!

and Kim Coles copped a purple agate ring a few months ago, and sent me a photo! She is glowing and we love this photo!

*shoutout to Felicia Leatherwood on the hairstyle

Carlina over at "Allergic..." showed us much love. Look out for more collabs between us soon :)

these sold so quickly at the show, I decided to make another pair. these will be in the boutique shortly and they are 1 of a kind.

my vision studs are available in gold now. not sure why I didn't do this sooner ...

i jazzed up these lightweight 3" brass arrows by wrapping them with wire near the head, and adding a stud to the back!

these were a THREADshow favorite, and I came home with only 1 pair left.

not much to say about this awesome brass piece.

find it in the boutique today as well!

next day off? Saturday.